A Necklace of Links


Reviews have started coming in for Tender Machines. They can be found here:


And here


And  also here


And also here


And also here


In an era of ever-shrinking space for reviews, today I feel like celebrating all the hard work, dedication, and probably bloody-mindedness of the reviewers and the publications who still get criticism into print and pixels.

It’s also a ‘shout out’ to the publicists at Otago University Press. I’d hazard they have to somehow strike a serene balance between persuasive and pushy. Having spent 2 fairly stomach-knotting years as a glorified telemarketer for a building firm in London, I bet some days, promoting other people’s wares feels like being an ice vendor during a hoar-frost. So my coffee cup is raised to those publications that still cherish and nurture book reviews (swig), and again to all the amazons of doggedness at Otago University Press (cup drained!).

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