Spectrum Poem

I’ve had a couple of new subscribers to this very erratic blog over the past week and it’s made me feel remiss for not adding new content. So I’m posting a link to the recent Transtasman issue of Cordite.

Having two sons reteaches me about how broad the spectrum of masculinity is; it also teaches me how every new generation has to address questions about gender and equality in their own terms.

Poetry, as ever, seems to have more room for slide and sway, for the tidal shifts of response, that are truer to the beautiful ambiguity of personality, the process of making a self (if that ever ends before death?) than, well, a prose blog entry dashed off before work.

Thanks for the new subs out there in the cyberwhirl: now that I’m inching ever closer to the final draft of the is-it-a-novel, I hope I’ll be able to post more often.


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