Backstage Theatrics

The Truth GardenI’m in the throes of preparing for a poetry event at the Pah Homestead in Auckland. This involves a lot of pacing, choosing poems and soon throwing them over my shoulder in despair, then falling back on them again, saying, oh, take me back! This no doubt comes from what is known in my family as the histrionic gene. My mother and maternal aunt are both excellent stage performers; my sister could make a living as a stand-up comedienne if she wasn’t more interested in silver-smithing (check out Sarah Neale Jewellery here One of my maternal cousins, an opera singer like her mother, also has a powerful stage presence; there are other second cousins on the maternal side who are excellent dramatists. I’m no real judge of whether I have their any of their stage presence, but I do know that the gene shows its effects in me with private tantrums. My nerves are a crowd of queen-zillas: projecting their voices, over-acting, charging around demanding coffee now before they faint! It’s good to get this hysteria out of the system before the actual performance, don’t you think?

I’ll be reading with Paula Green and Siobhan Harvey on Thursday 20 March. Full details are available here:

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