Wild Line

Wild Line

A fragment from the poem ‘Ross Creek’ by Emma Neale. Full poem and more Wild Lines poetry available at http://wildlinesdunedin.wordpress.com/

Such a pity that some lines have been stolen from this simple, beautiful, hand-hewn kinetic sculpture. It’s a fringe festival contribution that uses various lines from a number of poets from New Zealand and around the world, and combines them into a kind of collaborative, interactive poem, as viewers can tilt and turn their own sense of order as they move from line to line, finding their own favourite sequence of words. Sometimes lines turn shyly away from you in the wind; seem to suggest that meaning evanesces, then re-materialises. The disappearances are part of the risk that all public sculpture runs, though: graffiti, vandalism, erasure. Maybe some inebriated intellectual wag is acting out a form of ‘deletion poetics’. More likely they are just plain dumb drunk. Or by now, a little ashamed and confused and not quite knowing how to hide several large planks of engraved wood.

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